Ideal Learning

Ideal Learning starts at birth and puts the child at the center of the design. It supports children in all aspects of their development, deepening and accelerating academic learning through direct experiences with their community.

Principles of Ideal Learning

Ideal Learning assumes that children best achieve their potential through learning that activates their interests, abilities, and talents to build knowledge, know-how, and confidence. Not all Ideal Learning providers nurture children the exact same way, but they do have the same basic approach to helping very young children develop their potential. All Ideal Learning programs include the following elements:

Young children and adults learn through relationships.

The teacher is a guide, nurturing presence and co-constructor of knowledge.

Decision-making reflects a commitment to equity.

The time of childhood is valued.

Play is an essential element of young children’s learning.

Instruction is personalized and child focused to acknowledge each child’s individual development and unique abilities.

The environment as “teacher,” is intentionally designed to facilitate children’s exploration, independence and interaction.

Children construct knowledge from diverse experiences to make meaning of the world.

There is a continuous learning environment to support adult development.