Through the pathways of Access & Quality, we’re creating a sustainable system of high-quality early learning for all 15,000 of New Haven’s children


Research describes the relationship between the benefits of high-quality early care and education experiences and successful outcomes for children. These positive outcomes hinge on high-quality experiences such as those reflected by the principles of Ideal Learning.

Family Engagement & Partnerships

Parents are children’s first teachers and their best advocates. In partnership with the Comer School Development Program model, the Parent Leadership Training Institute, and others, NH ChILD supports families to use their power and voice to make New Haven a city that reflects the principles of Ideal Learning for all children.

Professional Learning & Quality Measures

NH ChILD aims to help all educators provide consistently high-quality learning experiences for all children in New Haven, regardless of setting. Our Professional Learning Communities, workshops and presentations offer opportunities for participants to develop their personal or professional skills and experience with Ideal Learning in early childhood education.


NH ChILD supports workforce development by streamlining the degree-granting process and providing access to the ECE career ladder, especially for traditionally marginalized groups. This includes a partnership effort to help head teachers in state-funded programs obtain their bachelor’s degree, which will be a state requirement by 2029 for all state-funded programs.   

“Dr. Seuss reminds us that “a person is a person no matter how small.” Children need to know that they are respected, loved, and nurtured. Every child deserves to be in a high-quality early learning environment where their uniqueness is valued and the adults around them engage their curiosities and interests. Their life success depends on it.”
– Wendy Waithe Simmons